As a motion designer, I make your brand come alive with animation and illustration. With an informative explainer video to tell your product's story, a fun animation to delight your customers on social media, or dynamic visuals to engage people on your website, we can meet any goals you have in mind.


explainer videos

An explainer video is a powerful tool you can use to tell your story: what you do, how it works, or why it matters. Videos are a million times more engaging than images or text, so your website visitors will stay WAY longer with one of these.

short videos (gifs)

Animations don't have to be long-form to be effective. Short and sweet animations are referred to as GIFs, and they're great to use on social media to announce news, market a product, or engage new people in a campaign.

dynamic visuals

When you use animated graphics or visuals on your website, you're able to really engage your visitors. Think of your website headers, logo, cover photos, inline images, infographics... with animation, there's a ton we can do to engage your visitors and add clarity to make your info easier to digest.